Life of a Model

“How do they manage to keep themselves so perfect?”

“They get paid for their face, why wouldn’t they!!”

“You know what, my son wants to marry this model..”
“I hope you are not allowing that, these models don’t know any household chores, you will be stuck to kitchen for life”
“Ohh Lord! I am dreading my life after their marriage already.”

These and more…assumptions a many! Actors, Models, Stars, Celebrities is what they are classified as, holding 3 renditions of life; real, reel and one that cultivates out of peoples’ mind. What we see onscreen, what we read/hear on tabloid and what we perceive of celebrities lives, has quite a large if not huge impact on our lives. Even if we don’t dig much deep in history, for the one’s born in 80s, onscreen Amitabh and Rekha certainly set some vivid relationship goals, 90s kids had their whole conceptualization of love and life dedicated to Karan Johar’s movies, the millennials would be lying if they deny drooling over Hritik Roshan’s masculine structure and gossiping about Shahid-Kareena’s lip-lock controversy. But are their lives actually as we perceive it to be, or do they just belong to the other side of the globe where lights, camera, action are synonyms to appraisals, deadlines, projects?

To give us a closer look at the undiluted version of a celebrity’s life, photographer Pravin Patil recently shot Life of a Model over an iPhone. Yes, you read it right, an iPhone!!! In the words of Pravin,“Photography is an art and it’s the vision of the photographer that counts”. As Elliott Erwitt rightly said “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

During the flow of the shoot, there were glimpses of co-existence of both the worlds where there is ‘normalcy’ in relationships, values, day-to-day household chores and at the same time there were embellishments of the glamour world. A celebrity’s life is nothing but a well-knit epiphany of normalcy and glamour.

Both the concepts “A day in a model’s life” and “Photography- a vision” are so vividly distinct, yet bound by a common underlying statement…’what lies beneath’.

A regular day, an iphone 6 to capture, a small crew, dinghy lanes of Mumbai is a unembellished description of what a photo shoot could be. To one’s astonishment though, the final cut of pictures, every bit of it categorically made justice to what Pravin’s initial vision of the concept was. In the words of the Father of Apple, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and he was certainly onto something when he said that. Having said that, it is certainly more than what meets the eye if both the concepts had to be disintegrated and explained. And that ‘more’, which is so glamorous yet so naïve is ‘Simplicity’ in its various avatars.

Credit Roll

  • Location: Aamchi Mumbai
  • Concept: Pravin Patil
  • Model: Simran Bhoai Jindal
  • Photography: Pravin Patil & Ameya Mapuskar
  • Behind the Scenes (DOP): Ameya Mapuskar
  • Post Production: Ameya Mapuskar, Sneha Ghogare and Soham Panindre
  • Creatives: Darshan Dalvi
  • Write-up: Lekha Rane
  • Make-up: Amrita Verma
  • Hair: Maya Laxmishankar
  • Outfits: Winnie Malhotra & Simran Bhoai Jindal
  • Assistant Photographer: Aparna Deshmukh
  • Spot Boy: Sarfaraz
  • Production: Cocktail Style Management


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